N1GB Resource Page
George Blakeslee
winlinARES files (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)

Current NH ARES standard versions for 1st Quarter 2021

    Fldigi/FLarq  - 4.1.17/4.3.7
    FLwrap - 1.3.5    
    FLmsg - 4.0.17
        (must also download American Red Cross custom forms)
        (and put them in Custom Forms folder in NBEMS.files)
    FLamp - 2.2.05

    The persistent links to download the FLDIGI suite installers  Std-FLDIGI

    The persistent links to download the ERock_ARES_portable_fl_suite   Std-FLDIGI

2. Winlink Overview (Jay Taft, K1EHZ) July 14, 2020

     Download Presentation PDF

3. 2020 HamEXpo Getting Started with  NBEMS Workshop materials (N1GB)

       1 - BASIC FLDIGI  ppt    download


       3 - BASIC FLMSG  & FLAMP  ppt    download

       Macros folder (with NH-ARES and Digital Net sets)     download

4. 2019 Boxboro Seminar materials (N1GB)

      BASIC WINLINK EXPRESS  ppt    download

5. 2018 FLdigi ARES Academy Workshop materials (J. Taft)

       Basic-NBEMS-Workshop.pdf      download

       FLdigi-Check-List.pdf    download

       FLdigi-Audio-Settings.pdf    download

       Macros folder (zipped)   download

             a. Basic-NBEMS-Workshop-Macros-V02E06.mdf
             b. Scratch-Pad.mdf

6. FLdigi Sound Card Calibration - WWV Mode

        Powerpoint  (download)          FLDIGI Soundcard Calibration Presentation.ppt

7.  Programming Radio Memories with CHIRP
       Download How-To Guide (PDF)    download