N1GB - Standard FLdigi Page
George Blakeslee
    FLdigi NH-ARES Standard versions

    Current NH ARES standard versions for 2022 Q1

    Fldigi  - 4.1.20 /(FLarq 4.3.7 is built-in)
    FLwrap - 1.3.5    
    FLmsg - 4.0.19
        (must also download NH ARES & American Red Cross custom forms)
        (and put them in Custom Forms folder in NBEMS.files)
    FLamp - 2.2.07

    The persistent links to download the FLDIGI suite installers are:

    Windows installers  download

    Mac installers  download

    Linux installers  download

    East Rockingham portable package (most recent - 2022 Q2)    download

Release Notes 2022 Q2:

* For use on ANY drive, removable or not
* Changes to the location of flmsg custom forms for fldigi portable installs
  Now located in the parent folder of FL_APPS --- IOW, at the SAME LEVEL in the directory tree.
  .../flmsg.messages - messages folder
  .../flmsg.forms - custom forms folder
  For use when NBEMS applications are deployed on a removable drive,
  independent of operating system.
  On Windows, fldigi can be installed ANYWHERE, whether or not the drive
  is removable. These statements apply to ALL PORTABLE installations.
  On Windows, for example:
  - E:\FL_APPS
  - E:\flmsg.messages
  - E:\flmsg.forms

* updated ERock fldigi macros
  - Please see the //History macro// in fldigi for details
  - Those with the skills can either install the portable version and personalize it,
    or update as usual, and makes the changes listed in the History macro.
  - ** Note especially new mode protocols that include <LOCK>

- many updated docs that contain a lot of information not in manuals
- new suggestions for how to easily personalize the portable app for your station
- contains a free, powerful text editor, EditPad Lite
- contains Zeitnitz Soundcard Oscilloscope v1.46, a great aid during digital ops
- contains a new PDF directory, with relevant help and information

* The 300B flmsg form in use by ERock is not included in the installation
  - Updated version 20FE 05 20220309a! Please see your ARES upline for location
  - Note that the 300B now comes in a zip file with other documentation