N1GB Resource Page
George Blakeslee
    FLdigi NH-ARES Standard versions

    Current NH ARES standard versions for 3rd Quarter 2020

    Fldigi/FLarq  - 4.1.13/4.3.7
    FLwrap - 1.3.5    
    FLmsg - 4.0.15
        (must also download NH ARES & American Red Cross custom forms)
        (and put them in Custom Forms folder in NBEMS.files)
    FLamp - 2.2.05

    The persistent links to download the FLDIGI suite installers are:

    Windows installers  download

    Mac installers  download

    Linux installers  download

    East Rockingham portable package for 2020 Q3


   (for use with USB and other external drives)
   Release Notes:  Some reasons to keep up to date, and especially to use this version.

- is a clean install that removes irrelevant material that crept in during the past 2 years
- changes to the way fldigi and flmsg behave
- updated ERock fldigi macros
- many updated docs that contain a lot of information not in manuals
- new suggestions for how to easily personalize the portable app for your station
- contains a free, powerful text editor, EditPad Lite
- contains Zeitnitz Soundcard Oscilloscope v1.46, a great aid during digital ops
- contains a new PDF directory, with relevant help and information
- each update will contain current documents with important points